Practicing Potato and Carrot Print Felted Scarves For The Mansion

Practice scarf for the Mansion

Janet sent me the bolt of white wool. Like so many things that people send me, I wasn’t sure how I’d use it when I got it, but I knew it be just right for something.

Today I went to The Mansion with Jon for his meditation class.  He brought a bunch of used books that he bought at Battenkill Books that people had asked for. Art had the best smile when he opened the book of Antique cars.  It still makes me happy just thinking about it.   We didn’t some meditating too and a lot of laughing.

I told everyone when I came back on Monday we’d be making scarves.

I put the bolt of white wool in the washing machine on hot this morning and then put it in the dryer.  This felts the wool making it thicker and softer and keeps the edges from unraveling when you cut them.

The wool already had a nice scalloped edge, so all I have to do is cut it in wide strips.

After it came out of the dryer I did some experimenting with paint, brushes, a sponge, carrot and potato.

It was too hard and no fun to try and drag a brush along the wool.  But pressing the brush on the wool worked well.  The sponge was useless, but the carrot and potatoes printing was the best.

Now it just a matter of getting the fabric paint to the right consistancy and getting a variety of sizes of potatoes and carrots and cutting into them to make some interesting shapes and designs.

I love the idea of everyone having a scarf for themselves or to give as a gift.  And it’s going to be a lot of fun to make.

4 thoughts on “Practicing Potato and Carrot Print Felted Scarves For The Mansion

  1. Oh my…such a unique and beautiful idea for the Mansion …have you ever tried ‘printing’ with the cut off bottom of a head of romaine lettuce…it sometimes turns out like a rose. I know your people will be thrilled with their scarves. lovely use of the beautiful and seasonal white wool. looking forward to see the creativity.

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