The Last Days Of Grazing

The grass is finally turning yellow and not growing back.  The sheep and donkeys have eaten down most of it in the North and South pastures.  They will be able to graze the back pasture until the snow comes, but there is little nutrition in the grass now.

Ian is coming to shear five of the sheep on Saturday.  The wool on half the sheep isn’t long enough to shear, but it is on Constance, Merricat, Lori, Robin and Kim.

After they are shorn I’ll start feeding them all hay.  I want to wait because the hay gets into their wool and make skirting the wool harder.

I’ve left the gate to the back pasture open so the sheep and donkeys can graze whenever they want.  No worries of them eating too much rich grass until next spring.

I’m still waiting to get my wool back from the Mill.  I’ve had a few people asking about it.  I had so much wool this spring Deb at the Vermont Fiber Mill said it would take longer to process.  I hope to hear from them any day.

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