Messages Flowing From The Universe


Autumn pasture and hill this morning

I received so much insightful response to my piece about the woman/angel I met in CVS.  I thank you all for it.  It helps me to understand that such things happen to all of us more often than we might know.   And that they happen even if I may not be aware of them, so it’s good to remember to keep my self open to it.

With that in mind I wanted to tell  you what happened this morning….

As I sat down to write about the experience I had in the woods yesterday,  I instinctively picked up Barb Techel’s  Animal Reflections Healing Oracle book that was on the table next to me.

I opened it to the Highland Cow.

My first reaction was to dismissively wonder what kind of wisdom I could learn from a cow.  But my eye skipped down to the third paragraph and this is what I read:

 “Whether you are nurtured with love and understanding from your mother, or not, as an adult, the responsibility lies with you to instill whatever you most need to thrive in the world.  Take heed of the messages flowing to you in unexpected ways, knowing they are nudges from the Universe, supporting your journey towards wholeness.”

I’m finding Barbs Oracle Cards and Book helpful in just the way I had imagined it might be. But this kind of thing still surprises me.  I actually always hope it will.  I never want to take it for granted.

You can read about and buy Barb’s Animals Oracle Cards here. 

4 thoughts on “Messages Flowing From The Universe

  1. Wow, Maria. Even though I’ve worked with oracle cards for over a decade now with readings for myself and others, I too, am often still surprised. What spoke to you with Highland Cow really feels fitting. I appreciate hearing this too.
    I’m doing an interactive workshop in November about Honoring the Inner Child through the Wisdom of Animals and Oracles. As the host and I began to plan for the workshop, I picked a card to guide us on the offering we are doing together and it was Highland Cow. 🙂

  2. Such interesting connections you are having these days, glad you are so open to it . . . love this beautiful photo and the unusual perspective of the farm with the beautiful hills behind. You do live in God’s Country! 🙂

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