4 thoughts on “Robin On The Run

  1. I noticed that one of the sheep isn’t on the masthead. Perhaps it is work considering including Robin, he’s so full of himself. Then the animals are represented? Just a thought.

    1. Do you mean the one on YouTube Chris? That’s such an old picture many of those sheep have moved on. Along with Red of course. I hadn’t thought of changing it. I love to see Red in his border collie squat!

  2. Oh, that Robin is just the goofiest! Like he’s part jackrabbit. Thanks for the smile and chuckle that elicited!
    And I love the shape of the sheep in all their woolly fullness just about the time they need shearing, so round and barrel-like. That classic sheep silhouette.

    1. You’re right Amy, he is goofy. It’s good to have such a young sheep on the farm. He adds some spice! Nice description of the full wool sheep. :)

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