Getting My Wool Ready To Sell

Deena’s Shawl, the gray and brown yarn is from Bedlam Farm

I’m working on getting my Bedlam Farm Yarn in my Etsy Shop.  Today I contacted with the people on my wool list.

Deena was happy to get her choice.  She’s working on a shawl using some of the wool she bought from me last year along with a skin of knitted Wit yarn.  I can’t help thinking of a moths wing when I look at it.  Deena said she didn’t use a pattern and it’s very soft and cozy.

I counted up my skien of yarn and came up with 104 plus a sampler.  That’s almost  twice as much yarn as I usually have this time of year.  But then, I didn’t have any in the spring as I used to.

I haven’t figured out how much roving I have, but when I do I’ll have a better idea of how many dryer balls I can make.  I have a long list of people who want them, but it’s from a year ago and sometimes people change their minds.

I made labels for the wool today and started tying them onto the skeins of yarn.  Each label lists the names of the sheep, the type of wool and that there is 200 yards.

Tomorrow I’ll take photos of my wool and put it up for sale in my Etsy Shop.  Then I’ll send out the orders I sold today.

I’ve been selling my wool for about 10 years, and I’ve figured lots of it out.   But it’s also always different every year which is part of what keeps it interesting.

Working on my wool labels

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