Bedlam Farm Wool For Sale

My Wool is for sale in my Etsy Shop. Each skein is 3 ply worsted and 200 yards.  They are $27 each + shipping.  You can buy them here.

“I love the feel of the yarn and find it comfortable next to the skin. The yarn is a pleasure to work with…” Nancy

Well, it was a round about day, with a doctor’s appointment early in the morning and a visit to the Cambridge Valley Vet late in the afternoon.  Ian called to say he hurt his shoulder and wouldn’t be able to do the shearing this evening.  If he hadn’t I’m not sure I would have had the time to post my wool for sale in my Etsy Shop.

But in between it all, that’s just what I did.

I have five different colors of dyed wool three different natural grays and browns and natural white.  I also have Issachar’s brown roving for sale.  And I will be making dryer balls from both Issachar’s roving and Ashers Roving this week and next.

(I just remembered I also have a sampler but I forgot to post it.  I will take a picture of it tomorrow and post it in my Etsy Shop then.)

I kept all of Robin’s wool natural.  The first time I had Robin shorn his wool was black.  Now it’s turned gray.  It’s very close in color to the Natural gray of  Lori and Suzy’s wool combined.  The difference it that it has a touch of brown to it.  And Robin wool is pure Romney while Lori and Suzy’s wool is a mix of Romney and Border Leicester.

I also kept Biddy’s wool natural.  I only have 6 skeins from her compared to 15 from Robin.  She doesn’t give as much wool as she used to, but it’s soft brown in color and soft to the touch.  I don’t know if I will get wool from Biddy next year.  It already looks like it’s matting on her body.  Something I’ve haven’t seen happen before.

The dyed wool is mix of white wool from Merricat and Kim and the gray wool from Constance and Socks and Lori and Suzy.  All of the skeins have mostly Romney wool with some Border Leicester or Karakul.

We never know exactly how a color will turn out, especially when it’s dyed over a gray.  Also the dye lots are different not only from year to year, but with each new lot.

This week and next I will be working on making dryer balls and filling my yarn orders.  I will also finish sewing my Spirit Owl Potholders.   If you’re on my list for dryer balls I’ll be getting in touch with you soon.

Each skien of Bedlam Farm Wool is 3 ply worsted.  They are 200 yards and they are $27 each + $5 shipping for one and a dollar more for each after that.  You can see them all and buy them all in my Etsy Shop, just click here. 

You can also email me at [email protected] I take checks, paypal and venmo.

8 oz of Issachar’s Roving is $30+ $5 shipping.



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