Missing The Hens


Now White Hen is molting. Soon her feathers will grow back even more plush and she’ll be ready for the winter.

Early in the morning, before Zip comes out of the barn, the hens wander the farm the way they used to before he was here.

I miss seeing the hens in the yard.  Now they spend their days with the sheep and donkeys.

But I have a feeling once they get to know Zip better, they will be back to other usual places on the farm. Dusting their feathers in the sandy soil beside the apple tree, resting under the protection of the lilacs and sunning themselves on the back porch.

4 thoughts on “Missing The Hens

  1. Lovely composition, Maria.
    The three beautiful hens against the dahlias and hydrangeas is peaceful and soothing.

    That hydrangea bush is simply stunning with all its pink,pretty heads swaying in the autumn breeze.

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