Waiting For Jon

Waiting drawing

Jon and I started the day in a waiting room.  Just a routine doctors appointment, with breakfast on the way.

I’ve had this little sketch pad for years.  It was so special I never knew how to use it.  A few months ago I asked Jon to draw a line on every page.  I needed to get the process started.  To make the pad less precious.

Then, one day we were on our way to a dentist appointment and there was no more paper in the sketch pad I’d been using for the past year.  So I threw this one in my bag and initiated it at the dentist’s waiting room.

Today as we sat in the waiting room I did the drawing above using Jon’s line as if it were a crack or fold in the paper.

2 thoughts on “Waiting For Jon

  1. Adding the line is brilliant! I’ve had a similarly hard time using pretty journals that I’ve been gifted. I’m much more comfortable with a spiral notebook. Well done!

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