My Bedlam Farm Wool Sampler For Sale

Bedlam Farm Wool Sampler  875 yards of  wool for $110 + $5 shipping.  You can buy it here.

Yesterday, as I was posting all my wool for sale in my Etsy Shop, I forgot to put up my yearly Bedlam Farm Sampler for sale.

This is the yarn that didn’t make a full 200 yard skein.   So the amount of wool in each skein varies.  There is a total of 875 yards of yarn in my Sampler.  It is $110 + $5 shipping.  You can buy it here. 

My Bedlam Farm Sampler has 175 yards of Blue, 110 yards of Red, 120 yards of Teal, 100 yards of Coral, 170 yards of Natural White, 100 yards of Natural Gray from Lori and Suzy and 105 yards of Natural Gray from Robin.

I just sold the last of my Coral yarn to Gretchen who is thinking of making it into a vest.  “I absolutely love the shawl I made from your yarn in 2017” she wrote me, “it’s so warm and cozy.”  Then Gretchen listed the sheep the wool came from.

Some of them are no longer alive, but I love knowing that their wool lives on.

Fall Colors.  Teal wool from Lori and Suzy, Biddy’s natural wool and Red wool from Constance and Socks. 

I also sold out of the Blue yarn from Lori and Suzy.  I’m low on the Lavender, only three skeins available.  But I have more of the deeper and Natural colors.   And Roving from Issachar.

I didn’t get to work on the dryer balls today.  I was busy mailing out orders. I have bellydancing class soon so I’ll dedicate tomorrow to making dryer balls.

I had fun taking pictures of my wool today.  I found the lighting to be perfect for getting the colors just right and with a little atmosphere too.

You can see all my Bedlam Farm Wool and buy it in my Etsy Shop.  Just click here.

You can also email me at [email protected].  I take checks, PayPal and Venmo.

2 thoughts on “My Bedlam Farm Wool Sampler For Sale

  1. I can’t wait for the dryer balls- they all sold out last year before I could grab any. AND I may have logged on in time to snag a lavender! Fingers crossed. I will send it off with some from last your to my friend who knits caps for Veterans, and maybe see if there is enough left to make me one as well, or some ninja gloves. Thank you for the chance to get such lovely wool.

    1. Thank for buying my wool Margaret, I started working on the dryer balls today. Sounds like your on the list for this year, I’ll double check. :)

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