My “Woodland Animals” Quilt At Home

“Your creativity lives on in our home now.” Kathy wrote to me when she sent me photos of her Woodland Animals quilt.

Kathy was having her own creative fun rearranging the pillow on her bed to see which went best with the quilt.

I could have used that pillow in the center in the quilt.

Then she switched pillows complete  and so it has a whole new look.

I’m not sure which I like best.  But Kathy has a good eye.  And the Woodland Animals Quilt  works perfectly with Kathy’s Woodland furniture.

8 thoughts on “My “Woodland Animals” Quilt At Home

  1. Maria,
    The quilt is a perfect bed cover as it is not too heavy and keeps us warm at night. And besides, since it’s arrival the quilt has given me very restful woodland dreams

  2. Maria, I’ve been curious since you started this quilt, and maybe I missed a post, did Kathy send you the animal blocks? They are so cute and I think you did a beautiful job of creating a “home” for them in the surrounding quilt.

  3. I love, love, love that quilt. And I love, love, love the red and brown checked pillows with it! They echo the checked material you have used in the quilt.

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