White Hen Fully Feathered

White hen is looking beautiful again now that her feather have grown back after molting.  And her comb (the red skin above her beak) which turned pink is red again.   So much energy goes into growing new warm and feathers for the winter, the hens stop laying eggs and the pigment fades from their combs.

I don’t know if White Hen will start laying eggs again until the spring.   Since she’s old she usually stops laying over the winter.

On Saturday Jon and I watched as Zip hopped up into the hen house.  He jumped onto the roost outside the small hatch door, then into the house, as if it were his.

Minnie used to sleep in the laying boxes at Old Bedlam Farm, but, unlike Zip she was friendly with hens.  And I never saw her eat their food.

Zip was more than startled when I opened the clean-out door the hen house which is one whole wall.  I don’t think he know what was happening,  but he didn’t stick around to find out.  He was out the hatch door and back in the barn before I could chase him away.

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