Before The Frost

Zinnia’s and dahlia’s from the garden

Finally the fall weather has arrived.  The wood stoves are keeping the damp and cold out.  Fate is curled up in front of the fire, her nose tucked under her tail and Bud is snoring next to me as I write this.

The flowers have never lasted so late into October, but tonight the temperature is supposed to drop below freezing.  So I picked the Zinnia’s and Dahlia’s that had life left in them.  Now they are scattered around the house in big and small bottles and jars.

I tied colored yarn around the stems of the dahlias that coordinate with the color of their flowers.     By tomorrow if the weather prediction is correct, the flowers and leaves will wilt, the stems and leaves turn black.

They will all look so similar it will be hard for me to tell them apart. Tagged with yarn, I’ll know which are which and can  keep them separated them in bags for planting in the spring.

I will miss the flowers, but I’m ready for the cold weather.

2 thoughts on “Before The Frost

  1. The cold weather has arrived! We got 6 inches of snow over the weekend, a lot has melted but our nighttime temps are in the teens. All of our flowers are finished for the season, I’m hoping for a few nice days to button up the rest of the gardens. Your zinnias and dahlias are gorgeous! They are two of my favorites so hardy and colorful!

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