Evidence Of Zip As Hunter

Today as I was cutting Dahlia’s, Zinnia was rubbing her ears on the stone walk nearby.  I know  whatever she was rolling in, though perfume to her, would smell bad to me.

I shoed Zinnia away and there was a dead vole.

Finally, evidence that Zip has been hunting.  Beside the smell of something dead in the barn we weren’t sure if Zip was doing the work we got him to do.

But, even if Zip turned out to not be much of a hunter, he has made his own work on the farm.  Which is of course, posing for pictures and charming both Jon and me.

4 thoughts on “Evidence Of Zip As Hunter

  1. My cats will eat a rodent, then barf up the undesirable parts. I love all 3 of them dearly but wish for at least one with a more robust digestive tract. Zip the Hunter always looks tidy and dapper in his black and white tuxedo. I once had a petite female tuxedo cat. She was an affectionate killing machine.

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