Notes From The Hard Frost

Frosty Zinnia

The fallen leaves are edged with lace, each frozen blade of grass with a tiny dew jewel at its tip.  Dahlia petals break like thin glass.

Through the icy drifting dew, the sun is a soft yellow fuzz, resting in the tree tops.   Opposite it, high in the western sky the moon is a shaved snowball.

Zip crouches in the barn waiting for Zinnia to pounce.  They do a little dance circling each other then quickly lose interest.

They seem to not notice the change in temperature.

A striated glaze of ice covers the chicken’s water bowl.  The barnyard gate is frozen shut. The sheep’s wool is curled stiff with from the hard frost.

I bring out two leaves of hay and they all eat it, even the older ewes who would rather graze on grass that is barely there.


6 thoughts on “Notes From The Hard Frost

  1. That frozen Zinnia pic is gorgeous! Right now, here in WI it looks like a blizzard outside. We are having lake effect snow and so far about 4 inches. First I remember on Halloween!

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