A Shingles Booster, Another Shawl From Suzy and Zip Postcards

I’m missing Bellydancing Class tonight.  Jon and I both woke with a cold on Monday.  I was feeling better by the next day,  and this morning I felt like it was all gone.   And I think I would have been if I hadn’t gotten my Shingles Booster.

Just a little ache in my arm I texted my friend Mandy this morning who heard the booster could have  side effects.

I guess I spoke too soon.

By 3pm I was so tired and achy I knew I’d never make it through two hours of dancing. I didn’t even feel like I could drive the forty five minutes to Bennington.

I can imagine my body saying… I can handle the cold, but not with a Shingles booster on top of it.

So I fell asleep on the couch.

When I woke I had a text message from Suzy saying she had one more shawl that was almost ready to be sold.  I’m going to wash and block it tonight she texted me. And when I asked for a hint at the colors she came right back with…Oatmeal, dark brown, two shade of earthy green.  An Earthy delight I though.

Jon and I also talked about making Zip postcards.  Maybe four different photos in a pack,  the best from the both of us.  Could be fun.

Now time for dinner. It’s a good night for Borscht and later a cup of mint tea.

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