Fate Stalking Zip, Letting Go

This is what Fate does. She stalks.

She does it with the sheep and hens, she did it with Minnie and now she’s doing it with Zip.  (She never stalked Flo.  Fate would walk miles out of her way to avoid Flo).

But Zip, like the sheep, hens and Minnie don’t seem to care.

As Fate freezes from one position to the next, carefully lifting on foot at time, as if she’s living in slow motion, she gets closer and closer to the sheep, hen or cat.  She’s so serious, so intense.

But for whoever she’s stalking,  it’s as if she isn’t even there.

They just walk away.

And when that happens, Fate doesn’t seem to care either.  When Zip walks away, Fate just finds someone else to focus on.

It’s easy to laugh at Fate, but I could also say that Fate is good at letting go. Something I know I’m not always able to do.

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