The Maple Syrup Crystal

The maple syrup crystal

I squeezed out the last of the maple syrup into my cereal.  The bottom of the bottle was hard with syrup.  So I filled the bottle with hot water and when I dumped it in the sink,  out came a crystal.

Small, only half an inch round, the cluster of maple syrup was as clear as, well, a crystal.

I had never seen or heard of such a thing.  I though it might melt.  So I quickly took a picture of it, but when I saw it wasn’t getting any smaller, I put it in my bowl of cereal to sweeten it.

But even then it didn’t dissolve.  It came up in a spoonful of bran and milk, and I didn’t dare eat it.

Now the maple syrup crystal is on the kitchen windowsill keeping the Ganesha statue I got in India company.

Since eating it didn’t feel like an option, it seemed making it an  offering was the best use of the crystal.

2 thoughts on “The Maple Syrup Crystal

  1. I have never seen a clear one before, or that shape.
    But have had it crystalize before. Very lovely offering.
    (I was going to say “sweet”
    but that was too obvious

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