Notes From The Barnyard

We make long lines in the snow that tell us where we’ve been.

Branches and roots
the soft meandering whine of a donkey
the flow of water from  pond through  marsh into stream
the blood keeping my fingers warm.

The insistence of the crow in the highest branch of the tallest tree and the peep of a swamp sparrow hidden in the crab apple.

Shaggy donkeys and expectant sheep,
now even the older ones gobble hay
The recently shorn behave no different than those carrying six months of wool.

I know the snow will melt by noon, but still give them all a little extra.

4 thoughts on “Notes From The Barnyard

  1. Very poetically expressed, Maria! And the photo is a perfect accompaniment. You’re really getting good at this nature journaling. It feels like we’re right there with you.

    1. It’s what I’m hoping to be able to do Barbara. it was Jon’s idea to write my notes. It was a good one, I think keeps it fresh and in the moment. Thanks for your encouragement.

  2. `there again, the creatures lean into us, warming us generously, but already we are blanketed by the seasons. I love thinking
    the animals wait for your call, but you are the invisible magnet that charms them. A beautiful gift Maria, and to be cherished. Thank you again. veronica

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