Jon’s Gold Star Sticker From Subway

Jon with his gold star sticker from Subway and Zip

“My wife tells me I’ve been here three days in a row,” Jon says to the kid behind the counter at Subway.  “Do I get a gold star for that?”

The kid who is new at our Subway and works two jobs, the other in construction, got right to it.  He drew a star on one of the  sandwich stickers and handed it to Jon.

Theresa who is usually out front (she mentors students from the High School)  called a “hello” from the back room where she was working.

“I think we’ve become regulars,” Jon said as we got into the car.

We live in such a small town, yet we’re alway meeting new people and learning something often wonderful about them.   In this way getting a sandwich at Subway becomes  more than just getting lunch.

It was warm enough to eat our lunch on the back porch.   Zip came around, but didn’t jump onto Jon’s lap until we were done eating, which surprised me.   He’s such a food hound.

The two of them cuddled for a while.  Then we both got back to work.

I sold out of my Zip In The Hen House magnets this morning.  I can’t remember the last time I sold out of magnets that quickly. So I ordered 100 more.  They should arrive next Friday.

I know there are places where I can get magnets to order.  That would mean that I wouldn’t have to lay out the money for them and  they would go directly from the company that makes them to whoever buys them.

But that feels impersonal to me.

I like to have that contact with everyone who buys something from me even it’s a $7 magnet.  I like seeing  their names and getting to know them a little. I like sending one of my postcards and thanking them personally.

I guess that’s one of the reasons I appreciate living in our town so much.  Where, even at the Subway we get to meet new people and have friendly conversations.

People we otherwise might not every have the opportunity to know.

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