“Pockets” The First Quilt For Linda

The pants that inspired me

I started working on the first quilt for Linda today.  I’ll be making two quilts and two pillow for her to give as Christmas gifts.

From what Linda told me about the couple that the first quilt is for I decide it needed to be made with solid colors and if I use any patterns they should have geometric shapes on them.

So today I pulled out some fabric and came across this cut up pair of pants with lots of pockets and stitching on them.

I was inspired by the stitching, how it looked to me like many abstract line drawings.  So I started cutting it up further into smaller “drawings”.   I got started on the first one.

My idea is to make patches out of them then piece them all together.

2 thoughts on ““Pockets” The First Quilt For Linda

  1. Before I saw the picture I couldn’t picture how you cut the pants enough for the stitching to tell a story other than “Once I was pants”. But you totally did. I see icicles on a roof or roots going deep into the soil.
    It’s going to be fun watching this come together.

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