Back To School, Visiting Sue’s Art Room At Bishop Gibbons

Isaiah with the pajama pants he made for his grandmother

It’s been a long time since Jon and I have been to Sue’s art room at Bishop Gibbons.  Not that it stopped people from sending Sue art supplies or Jon from raising money to buy the paint Sue is always in need of.

These things happen whether we visit or not, but it’s so good when we do get to be there in person.

That’s where we were today.

We dropped off a car load of canvas stretches bar, fabric, frames, paper and felted sweaters that people had given us.  And we got to see Sue and the students and their artwork.

First we met Isaiah who is making pajamas for his grandmother.  Jon interviewed him today and will be writing about him on Monday.  So you can hear Isaiah’s story then.

The idea of making pajama’s was inspired by someone who donated a box full of flannel pajama fabric to Sue’s class.  They’re very easy to make because they don’t have to be fitted.  The looser the better.


One of my favorite sculptures was Rapunzel in her tower made of tongue depressors.

Another project I could relate to were the Puzzle Paintings.  Someone send a bunch of small puzzles of doorways.  Sue asked the students to pick a doorway puzzle then make a painting around it.

Puzzle paintings

You can see how these two students incorporated the doorways in their painting of shop fronts and apartments in NYC.  They decided to combine their paintings to make a diptych..  I love the details on both of these. Looking through the windows, the signage, and the fire escape.

I don’t know the artist of this weaving. But it was inspired by

When we left I took a closer look at the art on display in the make-shift gallery in the hallway leading to Sue’s art room.  There I saw art that reminded me of the weavings I saw a few weeks ago at MASS MoCa by Anne Samat.

Sue nodded her head when I mentioned it to her.  “Yes”, she said “that’s what inspired the idea.”  She was interested in teaching the kids to weave and thought this was the perfect way to to it.

Down The Rabbit Hole of Addiction. By Tim Kienzel and Brenna Maybo.

The students also deal with some serious issues.  In that same gallery space was the sculpture called Down the Rabbit Hole of Addiction  made by Tim Kienzel and Brenna Maybo.

As a sculptor I know that it’s not easy to construct forms to do what we want them to.  So not only  is the idea effective, but it’s well made too.

The t head made from a heart shaped cake pan  is especially touching.  It speaks of the love that is there even through the pain of addiction.

Sue seeing us off as the end of our visit.

I did get to tune up a couple of sewing machines while we were there, but mostly we got a tour of what was happening in Sue’s class room.

But we’ll be going back again soon.

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    1. She really is LoisJean, It’s kind of amazing to watch her with the kids. And they do love her. She is always being visited by students who have graduated.

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