Finishing The Top Of “Pockets”

One of the best things that happens to my quilts is when I run out of fabric. It always makes a quilt more interesting and unusual when I have to find just the right piece of fabric to complete a stripe or square.

Mistakes work well in this way too.  When I cut a piece of fabric a little too short, it gives me the opportunity to reconsider my intensions.

(the colors in this picture are not accurate. Especially with the strip of pink which is actually a grayish purple.)


Usually when I’m making a quilt, I work to not have the corners match up.  But in this quilt there were a few times when I wanted them too.  One was when I was sewing the top to the bottom pieces on the interior of the quilt.

Without those four corners aligning, the whole design fell to pieces.

I’m glad to have finished designing “Pockets” which I’m making for Linda.   I woke up last night trying to figure out what would happen next.  Sometimes thinking about a piece I’m working on when I wake up is helpful.  But this time, it just kept me awake, without any satisfaction.

But once I was in my studio, finding the plaid (again it’s hard to see the plaid pattern in the photo) and adding that thin like of teal, made it sing.  And the blue was just right to finish it off.

3 thoughts on “Finishing The Top Of “Pockets”

  1. This looks so much like some of the Pennsylvania Dutch quilts, with their solid color, geometric designs! Love this- and the one you made before this, too! Oh- and the woodland animals quilt was really unique- good color choices on all.

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