Donkey Serenade

Fanny, Lulu, Suzy and me        Photo by Jon Katz

When the donkeys hear me walk out the door in the morning, I’m often greeted with a soft nickering or the long squeaking sound that comes before a bray, but often get’s cut short and remains just a squeak.

But this morning I was treated to two whole hearted brays.

I stopped where I was and listened to the loud low honk.  It’s a sound that goes right to my heart then vibrates around inside of me.  Just thinking about it makes me smile.

Lulu started it, her nostrils going from crescent to full moons, her soft mouth opening enough for me to see her  tongue which now looks hard like a parrots and folded lengthwise making a shallow valley down the middle of it.

Then Fanny picked it up and for a few moments, both donkeys were singing to me at the same time.  When Lulu stopped, Fanny took a breath and continued braying joyfully.

I think it’s joy.  That’s what it feels like to me anyway.

Sure they’re happy to see me because they want hay, but it’s not demanding.  They’re not stomping their hoof or rattling the gate.  It’s more like they’re making sure they get my attention in a way they now I’ll respond to.

And they do, every time.

“Thank you Fanny and Lulu,” I said to them when they were done, “what a beautiful morning serenade.”

8 thoughts on “Donkey Serenade

  1. I spent a year in Greece about 40 years ago and fell in love with the sounds of the donkeys that were on all the islands. It’s a sound that brings me joy as well.
    You are lucky to have them with their sweet soft faces and obvious connection with you.

  2. What a fabulous photo. So much life and love between all the spirits. Jon really captured a moment. Lovely.

    I don’t often comment so will take this opportunity to wish you both the special moments of this upcoming Solstice Season. Your work continues to develop and grow and what you both are creating touches the lives of many in wonderful ways. Much love from my spirit to yours.

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