Meditation Class At The Mansion

Lori with Robin, Constance, Biddy and Kim behind her.

The past few weeks that Jon had his Meditation Class at The Mansion I went with him.

I enjoy it and it makes me feel good.   But I also like the conversations we have.  We often talk about fear and death but it’s never depressing. Sad sometimes when people think of the people and parts of the their lives they have lost, but also uplifting in that it is something we all share.

Jon always finds a meaningful  passage to read from one of his many spiritual books.  Recently he’s been focusing on the writings of Thich Nhat Hanh.

This week I took one of  our friend Mary Kellogg’s poetry books and read a few poems.

One of my favorites is called Octogenarian.  I though the people at The Mansion might be able to relate to it. And even though I’m not close to being 80 years old, I can too.  I think of it often and it inspires me.  I love how straight forward it is and the humor.   It goes like this….

Octogenarian     By Mary Kellogg

I am mighty close to this age
Never thought I’d reach such a milestone

Now what?
I can be like a frog
sit on a bog and wait
to be gobbled up


I can jump, make a ripple
affect change
in little ways

I can sit motionless
as one I knew did 
and say “oh dear, oh dear.”

I prefer to make a ripple
to sweep another shore
touch another life
within another day

8 thoughts on “Meditation Class At The Mansion

  1. Since I started awakening & healing, death is no longer a fear. Grateful to understand suffering ends when death arrives. Peaceful weekend to all.

  2. Your post reminded me to pullout my book of Mary’s poems as I am fast approaching 80.
    (I keep my poetry books on a footstool beside my favorite rocking chair. This way I can pick one up and sit and read a few poems when I feel like it. It’s a form of meditation for me.)

  3. Next Birthday I will be an Octogenarian and Mary said it right. I love her poetry and read it often, she was a terrific person.
    I also want to wish you and Jon a most wonderful and healthy Holliday Season.
    My husband of 60 years is failing and I dread the day I will loose him.

    1. Oh Uta, I’m very sorry to hear about your husband. I still think of you two dropping of fabric at the farm. I could feel the love between you. He seems such a sweet man. I do see that part of you in Mary’s Poem. You are not one to day oh dear oh dear. Love to you.

  4. Lovely poem to reflect on. I remember years ago hearing Mary Kellogg read her poems in Dorset at a photography show of Jon’s work and your fabric potholders.

    1. Oh That seems like such a long time ago Kathy. I didn’t know you were there. How nice! I’m glad you got to hear Mary read her poems. She was so good at it and loved an audience!:)

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