One Spirit Owl Potholder For Sale

My last Spirit Owl Potholder for sale in my Etsy Shop.

I made twenty one Spirit Owl Potholders, but only have one still available.

I loved making these potholders.  The owl fabric was given to me about a year ago, but I only found a way to use it in the past month.  And it feels just right to me.

I have more fabric and want to make a Spirit Owl Quilt.  But it will have to wait for the new year.  I know I’ll be busy with Linda’s quilts and a couple of other things until then.

I’m still thinking of the owl that I kept meeting in the woods last spring.  How it followed me and the dogs, and kept showing up.  Watching us even.

Some things are slow.  I never did a piece about that owl and how I felt about it.  But it’s still there inside of me, and I think it’s making its way out.

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