Taking Care of Business

Getting my quilt Dancing With The Dragonflies read to be mailed off to its new home.  I especially like the way this quilt looks on the bed.

It was a day of getting business done.

I made two batches of Spirit Owl Potholders, but only had three still available to post for sale in my Etsy Shop.  That makes me happy it means they spoke to a lot of people.   I also got my second order of Zip Magnets so I had some preorders on those to fill.  When I was done I  boxed up my quilt Dancing With The Dragonflies which I will send off to its new home tomorrow.

After that it was the dreaded paperwork.  I really don’t mind it much once I’m doing it.  It’s the thought of it that keeps me away.  I’d just rather being doing something else.

But my October and November receipts were in a messy pile and needed to be sorted and recorded.  I I can only put it off for so long before it starts to nag at me.

It feels good to get all that work done and now I can look forward to getting back to my studio on Monday.

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