Looking For A Poem To Read At The Mansion I Found “For Now…” By Veronica Hallissey

An autumn mushroom growing behind my studio

I was thinking of what poem I would read at the Meditation Class as The Mansion this week and pulled Veronica Hallissey’s book “Kiss The Moon” from our book shelf.

I met Veronica online years ago.  She followed Jon’s blog, then mine.  She’s been writing poetry since the 1960s and some years ago she had her own blog called From and Upper Floor.  She is in her late 80s now and still writing.

Looking for a poem, I opened Veronica’s book and there it was.  A poem that speaks with wisdom to and of the heart.  I thought I would share it with you…

For Now…    By Veronica Hallissey

Let your mind answer
your heart’s murmuring,
for in the sanctity
of self,
you will see your divinity.

In the august crucible
that is Earth,
latticed by clouds
hovering the trees,
you gain your peace.

In the musing
of the grass growing
to reach its height
and to color
the bare earth
with a piled carpet,
you feel the hallowed crest.

In all,
gently tend the heart’s rending
and choose the teachers
who match the performance

of your innate goodness.

Click here to see Veronica’s blog where you can buy her  book Kiss The Moon.

6 thoughts on “Looking For A Poem To Read At The Mansion I Found “For Now…” By Veronica Hallissey

  1. Maria, thank you. I am honored. Your friendship I cherish. I hope your readers will find my website, fromanupperfloor.com. And perhaps see reasons why we found a friendship so meaningful on this blessed planet. Making mind connections are not lost; in fact, the most real thing in our lives. Again, thank you for being in my life. Veronica

  2. Maria – Thank you so much for sharing this. What a beautiful poem; what wisdom it imparts! The last stanza especially speaks to me.

    All the best,

  3. Greetings and peace, Maria,
    As soon as I read this poem, I had to send it to a friend. That is the beauty and nourishment of arts, music, poetry…we know we can not keep it to ourselves… rather we need to show up, wonder, share, care deeply from our broken- openness.
    For me, it is as if our hearts and souls are directly connected and tended to, by, with another, and another…
    Thank you, from my heart, Carol

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