The Love Of A Black And White Cat

We sit under the apple tree, the wind making the sunlight cold.  One by one the sheep wander in from the pasture.  Then Lulu at a trot and Fanny following.

It doesn’t take Zip long to saunter over from the barn, stopping to sharpen his claws at the base of the apple tree, then hopping onto Jon’s lap.

“Someones in love with a black and white cat and the black and white cat loves him back” I sing as a smile spreads through Jon’s face.

Zip squeezes his eyes shut, his little white feet kneading Jon’s shoulder as he snuggles around Jon’s neck.

I can’t help myself.  I take a picture, then another.  Each one sweeter than the next.

Enough I say to myself after a while, and put my iPhone in my pocket.

Suzy is the first to head back out to the pasture.  Soon all the sheep and the donkeys are spread out in the pasture all trying to find the best of the yellowing grass.

A pigeon circles the barnyard and lands back on the ridge of the barn. “I’m getting cold,” I say to Jon “you ready to go in?” Jon agrees and Zip jumps to the ground.

We head to house and without looking back,  Zip heads for the stone wall where the chipmunks live.

8 thoughts on “The Love Of A Black And White Cat

  1. Your artists eye is reflected in your photographs,
    I’m enjoying your narratives as well. I won’t be
    to surprised to hear you write poetry at some
    point in time.
    thank you for the beauty!

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