Getting Zip To Like His Cat Carrier

Zip coming out of his cat carrier

Zip hates his cat carrier and I don’t blame him.

The few times he’s been in one he was taken away and neutered or stuck with needles.  Getting him into the carrier when I take him to the Vet is not fun for either of us.

So I decided to make the carried a friendly place instead of one of confinement and fear.

I put the carrier in the barn, Zips domain, and sprinkled it with treats.  I led Zip to the carrier with more treats, backed away and then let him do his thing.

Now he gobbles his treats and quickly exits the carrier.  Soon he’ll be looking for treats or kibble in the carrier regularly and getting used to being in it.

If all goes well we won’t need to put Zip back in the cat carrier until next year.  I think that will give him plenty of time to experience it as a safe place.  And make it easier to get him inside and close the door when I need to.

Zip, with tail sticking out,  eating his treats in the cat carrier

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2 thoughts on “Getting Zip To Like His Cat Carrier

  1. See if the food coop in Cambridge sells catnip- it’s usually with the teas. My local coop sells catnip from somewhere organic (Frontier??) and it is intense. When I have to take someone to the vet, I put the carrier out a few days in advance and sprinkle the catnip in; then when we leave for the vet, I bring some in a baggy and serve it up on the way back. They’re usually ‘baked’ by the time we hit the town limits…I bet Zip would love catnip!

    1. I can try catnip too Bridgett. He’s doing well with the treats. I grow catnip but didn’t harvest it this year, Minnie was only slightly interested in it and Flo not at all. Zip may respond to it differently.

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