Finishing Up “Pockets”


Ironing “Pockets” before tacking it this afternoon

I just tied the last knot on my quilt “Pockets.”

It’s only 6pm, but it feels so much later.  The moon hasn’t risen yet and the dark is enveloping.   I saw the last chicken hop up into the coop a little more than an hour ago.

Even though I’m done working I don’t want to leave.  It’s cold outside and my studio is warm.  But I need to close up the hen house and it’s time for dinner too.

I’ll have to clean up my studio tomorrow before starting on my next quilt for Linda.  But that will help me find the fabric that I’ll be using for it.

The lighting isn’t good for picture taking this time of night so I’ll post the finished “Pockets” tomorrow.

The nice thing about leaving my studio is that the farm house is warm and, of course,  Jon is there.

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