A Good Day With Good Company In My Studio

Zinnia and Bud sleeping in the crate in my studio

I got some good work done on my second quilt for Linda.  But by the time I was finished for the day it was dark out and I couldn’t get a good photo of it.

Without good lighting the reds popped and the blues turned purple.

I did have some company while I worked.  Both Zinnia and Bud came in when it got a little cold out.  Normally I would have put them in the house, but I was into what I was doing and didn’t want to interrupt the flow.

Fate was already in her bed and Zinnia grabbed the crate.  Bud walked around looking for a place to settle then decided to share with Zinnia.

My studio isn’t big, and the dogs know better than to bother me when I working.  They stay on their beds or by the door and don’t wander onto my work space on the floor.

I don’t need three dogs in my studio, but it was sweet to see Bud and Zinnia share a bed.

Fate in her bed next to the dog crate

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