Zip At The Bird Bath

There are many place for Zip to get a drink on the farm.

He has his own bowl in the barn but I’ve never seen him drink from it.  He prefers to hop up on the cinder block next to the sheep and donkey’s water bucket and drink from that.

This morning Zip was drinking from the bowl of the birdbath that I’ve been meaning to put in the barn for the winter. It had just a trace of water in it from the bit of rain we had overnight.

Many of the animals on the farm drink from the bird bath, except the birds.  They prefer the water bowl by the hen house.

I still have Zip In The Hen House magnets available in my Etsy Shop.  They are $7 each and you can buy them here. 

My “Zip” magnet

2 thoughts on “Zip At The Bird Bath

  1. My cat, although indoors, finds multiple sources of water, and hollers when his water bowl is “stale”.
    Love seeing Zip going all over – what a perfect name it turns out to be as he zips around the farm!

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