Making “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” At The Mansion

Jane, Claudia, me, June, Kelly and Rachel.  You can see the rack of sweaters people got to choose from behind us.

It was make an Ugly Christmas Sweater Day at The Mansion.

For the past week Jon and I have been visiting the Thrift Store in the Cambridge Senior Center and buying sweaters.  We also got a bag full of Christmas baubles at the Dollar Store to put on the sweaters preparing for the day.

When we arrived Robin, who works with the Activities Director Paryese, was heating up the glue gun.

The rest of us sat at the big round table and chose ribbons, bows, Christmas balls and bells, stickers, beads, felt reindeer, and even Christmas Ties from a basket.

Some of the people knew exactly what they wanted their sweater to look like  and others needed a bit of help.

Once the sweaters were designed, Robin hot glued the decorations onto the sweaters.  I found a needle and thread which I used to sew the decorations on.

When Paryese put Christmas music on June asked Art to dance with her, but he just blushed, so June and I danced a bit together.

Then June started to sing along with the music.

I’d never heard her sing before.  She has a beautiful voice and said she’s been singing since she was a kid. Her mother played piano and taught her to sing.  She was in choruses through out her life in school and church.

June is a lot of fun.  She always shows up for the classes and laughs easily.

There will be a Christmas party at the mansion in a couple of weeks, where everyone will be wearing their Ugly Christmas Sweater.  I think there is even going to be a contest.  Jon and I will be there and I hope if there is music, that June will sing again.

I didn’t take any pictures today, because I was busy, but also because Jon was there with us along with Zinnia of course.  He took lots of photos, (and all the ones on my blog) you can see them here. 

helping Art decorate his sweater

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