The Second Quilt For Linda

I just didn’t work.  I stood in my studio, looking the quilt  I started last week for Linda, trying to see what came next.

But I couldn’t see anything.  And every thing I tried was wrong.

Sometimes when I’m writing and having a hard time putting into words what I’m trying to say, I’ll edit the piece often cutting out the first few paragraphs.  Or I’ll just delete the whole thing and start over.

It doesn’t mean I didn’t need to write what I did, just that it doesn’t need to be in the piece.  Jon calls it the wind-up before the pitch.

I feel like that’s what happened with this quilt.  So today, I removed the border I made last week and keeping just the center with the thin black line, started again.

The colors I’m working with come from a Needlepoint that Linda gave to her daughter.  Brown birds, light blue, soft reddish pink and yellow flowers in a sea of green.

It didn’t start to come easy till the end of the day.

This is where I left it tonight, but I think I know what comes next too.  Although I may feel different about it in the morning.  But that’s okay, I’m finally on my way.

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