The Woods Came To Me

The seed on my sewing machine.

First it was a half inch Poly Nose on the dining room table.  Then I found one of those seeds that grab on and don’t let go on my sewing machine.

I don’t know where all these small seeds came from.  But I felt like they were visiting me from the woods.

It’s what they made me think of, walking in the woods. I could have used a walk in the woods today.  I was struggling with the kind of self-doubt that I haven’t felt in a long time.  And walking in the woods is always grounding to me.

I though of walking on the road since it’s hunting season, but then I got caught up in finishing my quilt.  Anyway, it isn’t the same.

But in a way, the woods came to me.

In our dining room and then in my studio.  And when I went to put a log in the fire this evening, I saw the tiny squiggle of orange, like a flower,  growing on the branch that fell last year from our Paper Birch.

A tiny curl of bright orange fungi growing on a piece of firewood that came from our paper birch tree.

2 thoughts on “The Woods Came To Me

  1. How lovely. I am grateful that you share your awareness of nature giving you gifts and glimpses, of what you desire and need.
    I think it’s a great resource, just to notice and appreciate.

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