Backing And Tacking My Second Quilt For Linda

I don’t have a name for it yet, but it will come.  I got the backing for my quilt for Linda sewn together and started tacking it.  I used one piece of black fabric sewn together with red roses on it for the backing.  (I’ll take a picture of it tomorrow.)

I’m using Bedlam Farm wool to tack it.  It’s a skein that Fate got into a couple of years ago so I couldn’t sell.  She didn’t do much damage, only unraveled it a bit.   It’s a bluish gray and I’ve found the color works well for the past few quilts I’ve made.

Fate came in from outside and stood under the quilt, while I was working, trying to get my attention no doubt.

And she did.

She also got a treat for “staying” while I took her picture.  Looks like she’s winking at me as if she knew what she was doing all along.

I did add a thin brown border around the edges of the quilt.  Just the finishing touch it needed.

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