Emily’s Art. Earring, Tea Towels And So Much More Good Art For Sale

The handmade earrings that Jon bought for me that Emily  made.  You can buy Emily’s Earring here. 

This weekend Jon and I went to see what my friend Emily Gold was selling at The Left Bank Gallery in North Bennington Vermont.

Emily texted me photos of the earring she was making a few weeks ago.   I couldn’t get the colors of the pair with pink, red and gold out of my mind.

Jon was good enough to buy me the earrings and I got him one of Emily’s paper mache birds to hang in his office.

Now Emily has her art for sale on her website, so you don’t have to go to Vermont to get it.

She has some collage kits, paper mache mushroom ornaments, ( I got one of those too) earring and… well… you can see it all and buy it on her website Paper, Cake, Scissors.   Just click here.

Now I’m off to Bellydancing class.  Emily will be there too, (we met in class over six years ago) and I’m going to wear my new earrings.

We also got a couple of Emily’s tea towels.  If the design on it looks familiar, it may be because I stole the idea from her when we made the potato print wool scarves at The Mansion.

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