Grazing In The Snow



Merricat is well camouflaged between the winter grass and snow.  She blends right in.

There was little grazing for the animals this morning while the snow still lay on the ground.  But the sheep found something to nibble on.

I’ve closed off the north and south pastures for the winter.   If the sheep and donkeys  eat the grass down too low it won’t grow back as well in the spring.

But the back pasture is so big and filled with a wide variety of grasses and wildflowers, they don’t seem to ever make a dent in it.  The sheep and donkeys get little nutrition from grazing this time of year, but it is still how they prefer to spend much of their time.

Issachar and Asher grazing in the snow

4 thoughts on “Grazing In The Snow

  1. these 2 photos look like beautiful holiday cards to me. such great captures. thank you for those of us who do not live near snow.

    1. Oh how lovely. Now I feel like I sent everyone on my blog a winter Holiday card. We seem to be getting lots of flurries this fall Nancy. Maybe it will be a snowy year. Which of course means lots of snow pictures. 🙂

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