It Snowed All Day

close up of snowflakes on the metal pasture gate.

Snowflakes were drifting around the farm long before I got up this morning.

While I fed the animals it seemed a snowfall, later, while I worked in my studio they were more like seeds on the wind. Spare and singular they floated on invisible air currants, shy compared to the downy woodpecker at the feeder.

All day it snowed in varying amounts,  yet there are only  odd speckled shapes on the ground, where the sun couldn’t reach, to show for it.  And, I suppose, the mud it left when it melted.

8 thoughts on “It Snowed All Day

    1. It’s my iPhone 13 Carolyn, For the close ups of very small things, you just have to put the phone near the object and wait. The camera will eventually focus on it. It just takes a while and you have to hold the phone still.

      1. Oh yes, I get that Carolyn. Sometimes I just lay the phone down, or prop it against something, maybe that would work for some photos anyway.

  1. Maria, what a great photo. It doesn’t even look real due to the perfect and different flakes. I showed it to my husband who is into photography and he was impressed. Nicely done!

    1. Thanks Karen. There are many wonderful photos of snowflakes, but it seemed special that I was able to get so close. But really it’s the camera in my iPhone that does all the work. I just have to hold it close and still for a while till it focuses then hit the button.

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