3 “Waiting” Drawings

Jon and I spent most of the day going from one appointment to another.  There was enough time in the waiting rooms for me to do a few drawings.  And enough time between appointments to get a yummy lunch.

Today I used up the small hand-made paper book that Jon got me years ago.  It always felt so precious to me, I didn’t want to use it.  So, a month or so ago, I asked Jon to draw a line though each page and that freed me up to make my own marks (he missed the last page, but I didn’t need it by then).

The pages are about 3″x4″ and there aren’t a lot of them.  When I use a pencil it smudges (ghost drawings) and when I use marker, the ink shows though on the other side of the paper.

Instead of skipping the page with the ink showing through, I decided to use it.  So it has a bit of  “ghost” to it too.

I think that long line of chairs speaks best to the idea of waiting than any of the “waiting” drawings I’ve done so far.

I might expand on that idea when I start my next “Waiting For Jon” sketch pad.


4 thoughts on “3 “Waiting” Drawings

  1. Maria, I just found a beautiful blank notebook that has been packed away for years. The pages are unlined, and the book is landscape rather than portrait.
    May I send it to you? Would I use the Bedlam Farm po box?

    1. I thought as I read your note that you were going to say you were going to use it Kim. But if you’re not, I’d be very happy to have it. Thank you and yes, the Bedlam Farm PO box is right. 🙂

  2. I got this genius tip from a friend about blurring pencil sketches. He uses a colored pencil and there isn’t nearly as much smudging and it looks and feels the same as a regular pencil.

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