Fanny And Lulu At Their Feeder

Fanny and Lulu

Now that we’re feeding the animals hay, Fanny and Lulu have gone back to taking over one feeder while the sheep eat at another.

They don’t save the most tasty part of the hay for last. Lulu pushes the hay to one end of the feeder or out of it completely then the two eat up all the seeds that fall to the bottom.  When they are done they move on to the long stems.

And if one of the sheep try to eat from their feeder, Lulu’s head goes down with ears back and she pushes them away.

Sometimes they come back and eat at the opposite end from the donkeys.  Asher,  Issachar and Constance are most likely to try more than once.  And they often get some mouthfuls in before Lulu chases them away again.

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