Blue Bailing Twine Art

I got a little behind in my Blue Bailing Twine.  It’s been cold the past few days and I didn’t have it in  me to knot the two pieces of bailing twine on the gate post.  But today I had two more for my piece and it was in the forties.

So I was back at it, tying all four stands together and even adding a “bead” of wool from one of the twins to it.

I can see tying more pieces of the farm in the bailing twine.  Those things that pop up out of the ground, like rusty nails or bits of worn plastic or glass.

My Blue Bailing Twine is evolving.

8 thoughts on “Blue Bailing Twine Art

      1. That’s when I learned Tonia. I loved it. Haven’t done it since I did my Rupunzel chair a few years ago. But it comes right back.

    1. Thanks Sharon, and did you see Zinnia in that small space between the gate rail and fence post? I had no idea that happened until I looked at the photo.

  1. I have had different colors of baling twine. Orange, blue and now yellow. I have striped and sewed it down in art quilts, but never macraméd it. Way to go! How very creative. To create something is to make it into something that it has ever been before. I macramed 100’s of things in the 70’s. I’m going to save my twine and have a go at it. Thanks for the inspiration. Cheers. Keep on keeping on.

    1. Wow Ruth, sewing it into your art quilts, that’s a wonderful idea. I’d love to see a pic if you have. I think if it were still weaving it might use it that way, by unwinding it and getting at the smaller stands. Now you have me thinking…

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