Chickens In The Snow

The Hens didn’t want to come out of the coop this morning. For a moment, when Kitty came out onto the roost and looked around, I thought she might.  But it was too much for her and she went right back in.

So I put their heated water bowl in the coop, their feeder was already full.  They were set to spend the day inside.

But  late in the morning,   all three hens were under the bird feeder (they eat the seeds that fall from the feeder when the bigger birds, like the Blue Jays land on it) outside my studio window leaving their tracks in the snow.

6 thoughts on “Chickens In The Snow

  1. Brave girls
    The snow looks like a wet blanket. Beautiful to watch, but can soon turn to slush as I recall. I admire how much you find pleasure in all sorts of weather

  2. I love stories and photos of your hens! I’m guessing they are white Brahmas? (I’m new to chicken keeping with my first flock this year, fascinated with the many different breeds adapted to different climates.) The video clip is delightful…we can almost hear her grump and grumble under her breath as she goes back inside!

    Your girls appear very resilient and hardy and I love their attitude! It’s been interesting watching their reactions to Zip over time, from bailing out of the farmyard for awhile in reaction to the “interloper” to making their way back to reclaim their turf. Glad they & Zip have reached an accommodation!

    1. They are Brahmas Linda. And they do fabulous in our climate. They even have feathers on their feet. I think the predators are intimidated by their size too. I had a feeling they would come back to the yard after a while. Especially when the bird feeder comes out. They love to eat the fallen seeds.

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