Suzy Made A Shawl For Jon…

Jon in his shawl

Each time I showed Jon a photo of Suzy Fatzinger’s latest shawl he would ooh and ahh over it.  Send me a picture he’s say, I’ll post it on my blog.

Jon helped sell some of Suzy’s shawls this fall.  His blog has a further reach than mine.  When he said he’d like on to put one around his shoulders when he writes (it can get cold in his office) I got right on it.

Jon is hard to buy gifts for. When he wants something, he buys it for himself.  But I knew this was something that I could get for him.  I also knew by the time Suzy made him a shawl, he’d forget that he’d mentioned it.

Natural colors, maybe with some blue, I told Suzy when she asked what colors Jon would like.  She’d never made a shawl for a man before.  A few weeks later Suzy texted me a photo of some roving she’d  purchased from one of her favorite fiber artists.

Forest green speckled with every natural color imaginable, and glittering through it a thread of gold.

Of course I trusted Suzy to know what colors to use.

Two days ago I got two packages in the mail from Suzy.  One was Jon’s shawl with a card explaining that Suzy had named the shawl Maria’s Walk In The Woods. “…the sparkles are part of the magic in your walks”  Suzy wrote.

The shawl is made mostly of the mohair from Suzy’s goats, but there are a couple of natural stripes that come from my sheep Griselle who died a few years ago.

It’s sweet to think of Jon wearing his shawl when I’m walking in the woods.  Like somehow, now we’re magically together.

I also I feel like the shawl tells a story.

The story of the relationship that has grown between the three of us because of Suzy’s shawls. Jon’s understanding and admiration of the work that Suzy does. He knows how important a persons art is and he  loves to support it.   And Suzy and me growing our friendship year by year, our work helping to keep us connected over a great distance.

After I sent Suzy a picture of Jon in his shawl she texted me back…

Soon I’ll be spinning and knitting again. I love that.  

It’s like the rhythms of the farm, I wrote back, as soon as one season ends we begin preparing for the next.

It’s a cherished cycle for me, Suzy answered,  I’m really grateful  for it, year long. 

In the other package that Suzy sent was a hat.  She knit it with her mohair and some “Birch” roving from another fiber artist.   Soft and warm and a perfect fit.

It reminds me of the big old Paper Birch outside the farm house.  I makes me think of the birch trees growing in the woods.

I feel like I’m dressing in their colors.

I can’t wait to wear it into the woods.

The Hat Suzy made me.

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