“My Truth Has Wings” Working In A New Fiber Painting

4 thoughts on ““My Truth Has Wings” Working In A New Fiber Painting

  1. Maria – This is an amazing video. It is so interesting to hear an artist speak about the things that spark an art piece. I’m envious of your creativity. When I was in 7th grade my art teacher looked at a painting I did and said “I wouldn’t suggest you become an art major”. Since then I have been a big fan of creatives and their art; always amazed by what they produce but never trying to do anything because I couldn’t be an art major. Thank you so much for sharing this process.

    1. What an awful thing for a teacher to day Jill. I’m sure you know you don’t have to be an art major, have any degree or training to be an artist. Most of my favorite artists are untrained. Their art is often unselfconscious and uninhibited. I’d suggest you try again without the voice of that teacher in your head. And most of all, have fun.

  2. Enjoyed hearing about the hawks wings you came across. I had goosebumps and could feel the energy through your sharing. Wow. I love the idea of wings as our truth also as it is always expanding.

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