Notes From My Studio. Sewing The Back On “My Truth Has Wings”

Sewing the back of “My Truth Has Wings”

I move into the sunlight to thread my needle.  It’s warm and I want to stay here.  It’s just the right light to thread a needle, but too bright for sewing.

I move back into the shade.

I text a friend who is on her way to the West Coast to visit family for the holidays.  I tune into Vermont Public Radio, but I don’t want to hear voices.  I put on Bellydancing music to prepare for tonight’s Hafla but I crave silence.

Not that it’s quiet. The power strip ticks like a clock and the iron clicks.  One car then another whooshes by on Route 22 keeping time with the iron.

I push the needle through the old tablecloth and quilt.  I  pull the tread up and away.

It feels good to sew, calming.

Christmas is easier this year, but I still feel it.  The sense of people being away, rushing, planning, doing.

“Be easy,” I say to myself.

I look up at the birdfeeder on the other side of my studio window.  An invisible force keeps it swaying long after the birds are gone.

I wait.  I wait.

A chickadee lands on the feeder to the call of a blue jay.

4 thoughts on “Notes From My Studio. Sewing The Back On “My Truth Has Wings”

  1. I like the sounds of your studio and I can imagine sewing being soothing. I used to enjoy sewing myself. Started making dresses for my teddy bear when I was a kid. I gave it up when cats came into my life because they liked to grab onto my thread. I gave up jigsaw puzzles too. But I was only an amateur and cats brought me so much. Zip has the dearest face. He reminds me of a combination of my old friends. If you have enough, I’d like his cards.

    1. I’ll have cards for you for sure Carolyn. It’s interesting how cats came into your life early and how you’d rather have them around then do some things. But then there is always give and take in good relationships. 🙂

  2. My sister, a big fan of “easier” Christmases after years of insanity, sent me a note in this year’s Christmas card saying “We’re planning an extremely low-key Christmas this year. So low-key it’ll be on mute.”

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