Longest Night Potholders

Solstice Potholder

I thought of the little black squares with suns when I woke up this morning.  They came in a bag of scraps that Karen sent me.

Those black suns seemed the perfect symbol for the Winter Solstice, the longest night. I designed the potholders in my head as I lay in bed.  Blues and blacks for the long night with some yellow for the sun and orange for our Solstice bonfire.

When I got to my studio and went looking for fabric, I found the other scraps with the blue and black triangles.  Then the yellow “roofs.”

I also found pulled out the fabric with the little howling wolves and the bears, which I imagined as getting ready for their hibernation.

So each potholder has (or will have when I finish them all) a black sun and a wolf or bear.

I’ll work on them some more tomorrow.

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