A Snail Meditation

Live in the moment, humans are often told, but snails don’t need to be told. We’re in the moment all the time and the moment is in us.”  From  Metempsychosis by Margaret Atwood

4 thoughts on “A Snail Meditation

  1. Thanks for your snail video. I am obsessed with jellyfish and watching your snail pix gave me a similar feeling
    Happy holiday season
    Wendy greenspan

    1. I love that Wendy. I have bored more than one friend with my snail pictures. 🙂 Jellyfish are amazing to watch, the times I’ve seen them in aquariums, I feel like I could stand and watch them all day. There is something in the way they move, although Jellyfish are diaphanous which makes them even more mystical.

      1. I did that once at the aquarium in monterry California many many years ago. I stayed watching them for over two hours

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