“My Truth Has Wings” And The Divine Feminine

My Truth Has Wings is sold

I’ve talked a lot, in two videos, about my process of creating my fabric painting My Truth Has Wings.

Now it is sold and next week I’ll send it off to the person I apparently made it for.  That’s part of the trust that comes with creating. That what I make will speak to someone, hopefully more than one person.  And although I continue have my doubts from time to time, I do ultimately trust that there is the one person who, even though I didn’t know it at the time, I was making the piece for.

I  wasn’t sure what this piece would look like when I began making it. I had ideas from a vision I had while I was meditating and some drawings I did while waiting for Jon in the dentist’s office.

I perfected the wings and words in my drawings.  But it was only when I stitched the them, using my free motion sewing machine, that I could see how much the words were an armature, a structure for the wings.

Much like the small bones that held together the hawk wings I found in the woods.  The powerful wings that inspired this piece.

The flower was a peony bud in my vision with an ant on it, as the myth goes,  helping it to blossom.

One of the signatures of my work with old quilts is cutting them apart or removing the hand stitched appliqués and reworking them.

That’s what  I did with the other flower that was on this section of old quilt.  I took it apart and made it into two flower buds.

Then I used the stems and leaves from another old quilt and sewed them onto “my flowers”.

What struck me most when I looked at “My Truth” after it was done, was how much the wings and even the whole design reminded me of an early American piece of art with the Bald Eagle as a symbol of the power of our new country.

But in my version it’s a personal, interior power.  One that has been slowly nurtured and speaks from the Divine Feminine. An interior strength that creates instead of destroying and needs affirmation only from the self.

My Truth Has Wings” is sold.

A close up of the flower buds made from the appliqué of two different old quilts.  I hand stitched them onto this  old quilt.
The first drawing where my “Truth wings”showed up.

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