Winter Potholders

My Longest Night Potholders.  I took this picture outside this morning.

Saturday is my day off, I usually don’t go online at all.  But last night as I sat in the living room, my laptop on my knees, the wood stoves ticking and clicking, Fate and Bud sleeping nearby, a daze crept over me.

I took pictures of the Potholders I made after it got dark and the colors were way off.  When I posted the video I took of my ramshorn snail, something went wrong and my snail slid along at a pace slow even to a snail.  Then I mistakenly deleted the one good picture I had taken in the morning of Fate with the sheep (the morning sun gave the sheep halos).

I guess I was tired.  From the day and from the week.

So I wrote about our Solstice Fire and shut down my computer for the night.

This morning after a good nights sleep and an egg sandwich with homefries at The Country Gals Diner in town, I was ready to take more pictures and write.

Winter Scraps Potholders

After making my Longest Night Potholders yesterday,  I picked up a pile of scraps that have been on my desk long enough that I don’t remember where they came from.

Like having all the pieces to a Jigsaw Puzzle, I started sewing them together.  Although I must admit I did cheat when I ran out of fabric and scoured my scrap bin for more.

I’m calling these my Winter Scraps Potholders, made with joy on the first day of winter.

I hope to have all these potholders done by the end the week.  Some are already sold, but those that aren’t will be for sale in my Etsy Shop.  I know that putting up potholders for sale in the first days after Christmas isn’t the best timing.   But they will be there when someone is in need of a  Potholder for themselves or for a gift.

Anyway, I had little choice in making them when I did.  They demanded it.

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